March 30, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is dark but there is a hope of warm weather this week.  I just heard on the 11 o'clock news that we may see some record breaking temps this week!  And my daffodils are smiling!  Usually as soon as the first ones open I am running outside to cut them for the dining room and the kitchen but since I have no kitchen and the dining room has a 6 inch path to walk through, the daffodils must smile outside.  Maybe I can get our room put back together tomorrow and put some on my nightstand.  That would make me smile!  It is amazing what construction will do to your house!

I am thinking... how wonderful it will be to have a kitchen again.  And a kitchen that I will truly love!  Oh, and a working brand new front loader (purchased on Jan 9th) stopped working on Feb 25th.  Control panel blew out.  Still not fixed - Frigidaire and I are having words.  Hopefully I find out tomorrow if they are going to just replace it with a new washer.  A frustration that came at a not so great time - but God knew and God knows and God continues to be faithful!

I am thankful for...knowing God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do!

From the kitchen...what kitchen?  The microwave sitting on the bar in the family room is my kitchen.  Hopefully the nicer weather will allow for some yummy grilled meats and big salads.  I miss cooking and I miss fresh food!  We are all paying for it - our bodies don't like processed food!

I am wearing... sweats and a yoga shirt.  Earlier today (before Katie got sick...enough said) I had on a very cute Ann Taylor long sleeve tee shirt that I got for $1 at a consignment store that is going out of business!  I totally scored!  Had to dig and dig and dig but came away with about 40 super cute things that actually fit - all for only $1 each!!!  Including a very awesome, very pretty navy blue suit (skirt and jacket) that I will wear Sunday. Both pieces - $1 each!  Can you tell I am exciting about this?

I am creating... blog posts in my head.  I have missed you all!  I keep thinking of cool stuff to do thru Passion Week and hopefully will have time this week to do a couple of posts.  Sorry it has been over a month since my last post.  I promise to get better. People who blog regularly totally amaze me. 

I am going... nowhere this week except church.  Benjamin is on spring break and Katie came down with a stomach bug today that has her literally in bed.  We are staying home, playing outside and hopefully I can get rid of some nasty drywall dust that has everything in my house hidden under an inch of white stuff. 

I am reading... 1 Samuel right now and am loving it!  Seeing it with new eyes!  Beth Moore's newest book, So Long Insecurity, you've been a bad friend to us.  Should finish this one up this week.  Great read - God's all up in my business right now!  I have also been working thru a 40 day Lenten devotional entitled Reliving the Passion by Walter Wangerin, Jr.  Wowsers!  This one has messed me up!  I pray I never recover from it!

I am hoping... to return to some sort of normal, get the kitchen finished in the next two weeks and then enjoy a clean house before we go at it again with the master bath.  Chris wants to be fishing during the month of May so my house may not get clean before then but I can hope!  At least with the kitchen done, I can be cooking again and eating healthy again.  It's been hard!  I got on the scale today and even though I am only up 3 pounds from my lowest weight a few weeks ago, I can feel the effects of too many meals out and too many quick microwave meals.  Did I tell you we don't do much processed food?  I guess we are food snobs....

I am hearing... DIY Network and Chris snoring.  Normal life in our house at 12:30am.

Around the house... don't ask and don't come visit.  I will let you know when we are back up to health codes!  It's bad guys, really bad...but there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel!  Now, if I could just wash clothes in my house.....

One of my favorite things... knowing Jesus.  Knowing that His ways are better than mine.  Knowing that His plans and thoughts towards me are beyond my wildest dreams.  Knowing that He is in the littlest of details like $1 cute clothes when I need an entirely new wardrobe!  Knowing my children and husband love Him.  Knowing that He became sin and experienced hell so I can live! 


April E. :) said...

Glad to see you posted again! I can't wait to see what the kitchen looks like!!

Kathryn said...

Great to see your thoughts! Am psyched to visit you some day and see the kitchen you envisioned all those years ago! Think of all that has happened since you moved in...what a journey our lives have been. Hugs to you and yours. Congrats on all the new clothes!!! Yippee for good deals. :)

Joy McHale said...

you encouraged me today! Love you

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